4-harry_potter_and_the_goblet_of_fire @harry_potter
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Winky sadly. “Ideas above his station, sir. Can’t get another position, sir.”“Why not?” said Harry. Win... hirty points to ten, and the game was starting to get dirtier. >> 46. 他们现在以130:10领先,比赛开始变得不择手段了。 >> 4... last thing I ever said to you was that you didn’t get enough O.W.L.s? Oh Fred … George …” >> 71. 如果神秘人... rs. Weasley. “Go naked. And, Harry, make sure you get a picture of him. Goodness knows I could do with
5_harry_potter_and_the_order_of_the_phoenix @harry_potter
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退,像周围的黑暗一样没有重量。牡鹿冲上前去,摄魂怪像蝙蝠一样扑闪到一边,匆匆逃走了。 >> 9. “GET IT!” Harry bellowed, and with a rushing, roaring ... very time he passed the window. Dementors sent to get him, Mrs. Figg and Mundungus Fletcher tailing him... rprising number of people volunteered to come and get you,” said Lupin, as though he had read Harry’s m... ack. “Not seriously ill, mind, just ill enough to get you out of a class when you feel like it. Fred an
welcome @wiki
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s now up and running. Here are a few more tips to get you started. Enjoy your work with DokuWiki,\\ --... od way to stay informed on what's going on and to get useful tips in using DokuWiki is subscribing to t... .org|DokuWiki User Forum]] is an excellent way to get in contact with other DokuWiki users and is just one of the many ways to get [[doku>faq:support|support]]. Of course we'd be
ssr @technology:linux
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赖 # Debian 7/8、Ubuntu 14/15/16 及其衍生系列: $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install build-essential wget -y # Centos 6/7、RHEL 7 及其衍生系列: $ yum groupinstall ... al_lib.conf $ ldconfig # ubuntu/debian下安装: $ apt-get install build-essential $ wget https://download.l
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e been in my House. Very cheeky answers I used to get back too.” >> 56. “哼,是啊。当然啦,作为一名教师,是不应该偏爱学生的,但我就是... love potion. They’re all hoping they’re going to get you to take them to Slughorn’s party, and they al... n silence the depths to which girls would sink to get revenge. >> 133. 她走了。拉文德和帕瓦蒂马上把脑袋凑在一起议论着这个新情况, 包括
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=== No.6 === <flow> graph TD A[Christmas] -->|Get money| B(Go shopping) B --> C{Let me think} C -->... /flow> <code> <flow> graph TD A[Christmas] -->|Get money| B(Go shopping) B --> C{Let me think} C -->
debian9安装最新版nodejs和npm @technology:vps
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com/setup_9.x | sudo bash - # 安装LTS长期维护版: $ apt-get install curl python-software-properties $ curl -s... e.js一起安装。该命令还会在您的系统上安装许多其他相关软件包。 <code bash> apt-get install nodejs </code> ==== 三、检查Node.js和NPM版本 ==
挂载阿里云oss到本地磁盘 @technology:vps
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r_ossfs_package --nogpgcheck # Ubuntu $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install gdebi-core $ sudo gdebi your_ossfs_package # Example(Ubuntu18.04) $ su
显示带有酷炫linux标志的基本硬件信息 @technology:linux
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tall <code bash> # Debian/Ubuntu/Mint $ sudo apt-get install screenfetch # Mac OS X $ brew install sc... # Install <code bash> # Debian/Ubuntu/Mint $ apt-get install linuxlogo # Centos/RHEL/旧版 Fedora $ yum
1900_phonetic_e_c @basic_subject:english
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下去的方式, bət ju gɛt mi əp an ðæt gangway But you get me up on that gangway, 但是你让我从舷梯走下去, ænd rol aw... 是一首不知该如何弹奏的乐曲, aj kænt gɛt ɔf ðɪs ʃɪp I can't get off this ship. 我无法离开这艘船。 来自常诚的单曲《1900》 </poem>
linuxvps一键安装windows和linux系统 @technology:vps
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钥 https://docs.microsoft.com/zh-cn/windows-server/get-started/kmsclientkeys ==== 萌咖 - Vps 安装 win10 DD ... all -y xz openssl gawk file # Debian/Ubuntu: apt-get install -y xz-utils openssl gawk file </code> 在r
使用mid3iconv解决mp3信息乱码 @technology:linux
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包`mid3iconv`。如果你的系统中没有安装它,可以通过如下代码自动安装: `sudo apt-get install python-mutagen` ==== 转换 ==== 转到你的MP3目录,
rclone_mount报错 @technology:vps
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办法: yum install fuse ## Debian/Ubuntu解决办法: apt-get install fuse ``` Source: https://blog.whsir.com/
stray_birds @reading
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opens the flowers in secret and allows the day to get thanks. 158 权势认为牺牲者的痛苦是忘恩负义。 Power takes as ingr
docker-compose安装 @technology:sketch
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sr/local/bin/docker-compose sudo curl -L https://get.daocloud.io/docker/compose/releases/download/1.25
快速得到临时_linux_系统 @technology:vps
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docker_volume_local @technology:linux
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vps虚拟化架构 @technology:vps
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music_jason_marz_mr.curiosity @reading
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rinetd设置nat转发 @technology:vps
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value_of_open_source_project @technology:android
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