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edge of the box and gulped — “but my master sends me to the Top Box and I comes, sir.” >> 33. “可是,他也应... udge, sounding outraged. “And you’ve been letting me mime everything all day!” >> 58. “你会说英语!”福吉说道,语气... e to bed,” said Harry. “I would’ve if it had been me … wouldn’t have wanted everyone watching. What if... ling. “I particularly enjoyed your description of me as an obsolete dingbat.” >> 247. “真是棒极了,”邓布利多说,两
stray_birds @reading
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orld like a passer-by stops for a moment, nods to me and goes.               17                    这些... fools, they shout across thy song, my Master. Let me but listen.               20                    ...        I cannot choose the best. The best chooses me.               21                    那些把灯背在背上的人... 我说什么话。而我觉得,为了这个,我已等待得久了。 You smiled and talked to me of nothing and I felt that for this I had been wa
6_harry_potter_and_the_half_blood_prince @harry_potter
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少现在还没有…… >> 5. “So I suppose you’re going to tell me he caused the hurricane in the West Country too?”... with a sense of dawning horror, “didn’t you tell me they’re the creatures that drain hope and happine... 29. “I would assume that you were going to offer me refreshment,”Dumbledore said to Uncle Vernon, “bu... 机会。 >> 45. “No, I thought not. You have not asked me, for instance, what is my favorite flavor of jam,
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Jason Marz 嘿,好奇先生,他们所说的关于你的事情是真的吗 Are you killing me? 你正在摧毁我吗 You took care of the cat already, and fo... t mystery or anything, just as long as you'd call me 称它为一个谜或者其他什么都好,只要你还这样称呼着我 I sent the message on d... love this time, sounding hopeful but it's making me cry 我想试着爱一次,听起来充满希望,却总令我悲伤 Love is a mystery, Mr. Curious... 爱真是一个谜啊,好奇先生 Come back to me, Mr. waiting ever patient can't you see 回到我身边吧,你没
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EN HERE, HAVEN’T YOU? YOU’VE STILL BEEN TOGETHER! ME, I’VE BEEN STUCK AT THE DURSLEYS’ FOR A MONTH! AN... bsolutely right, Harry — I’d be furious if it was me!” >> 66. “哈利,我们真的很抱歉!”赫敏不顾一切地说道,眼睛里已经闪着泪花,“你说得非常对... ued with himself. They didn’t fight Quirrell with me. They didn’t take on Riddle and the basilisk. The... rius escaped. They weren’t in that graveyard with me, the night Voldemort returned. …And the same feel
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r. Weasley, “— and as I work there, they’re doing me a favor —” “魔法部为什么要提供汽车呢,爸爸?”珀西再次问道,声调很是庄重。 “唔,因... ble,” said Harry, nettled. “Trouble usually finds me.” “我没有自找麻烦啊,”哈利恼怒地说,“通常总是麻烦找上我的。” ## 21. The ... …” She glanced over at Ron too. “He doesn’t want me to join in.” “我不能,哈利,我还有四百二十二页要读呢!”赫敏说,她的声音听起来有一... deepest, its most impenetrable, Harry. But trust me … the time may come when you will be very glad yo
1900_phonetic_e_c @basic_subject:english
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式, bət ju gɛt mi əp an ðæt gangway But you get me up on that gangway, 但是你让我从舷梯走下去, ænd rol awt e... bət tu θawzənd pipəl æt e tajm The world passed me by, but two thousand people at a time. 那时,世界从我身旁走... , ɪz e ʃɪp tu bɪg fɔr mi is a ship too big for me. 对我来说是一艘过大的船, ɪts e wʊmən tu bjutəfəl It's a w
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addy|Mom=Mommy | |,|-|-|-|+|-|-|-|.| | | Sys | | Me | | Bro |Sys=Syster|Bro=Brother </diagram> <code... addy|Mom=Mommy | |,|-|-|-|+|-|-|-|.| | | Sys | | Me | | Bro |Sys=Syster|Bro=Brother </diagram> </cod
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have left this school when none here are loyal to me. You will also find that help will always be give... 说明,即使是我们中间最优秀的人,有时候也只能说话不算话了。” >> 23. It only put me in Gryffindor,” said Harry in a defeated voice, “
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ps://androidweekly.io/rss/ - [少数派](http://sspai.me): http://sspai.me/feed - [Frytea’s Blog](https://blog.frytea.com/): https://blog.frytea.com/index.p
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/eə/ * pear / fair / pair / repair * gimme(give me) a pair of socks. * help me repair the washing machine /ʊə/ * sure / lure / pure * I'm pretty **sur
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(\_/) | edit_me (O.o) <------------' ... (\_/) | edit_me (O.o) <------------'
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istmas] -->|Get money| B(Go shopping) B --> C{Let me think} C -->|One| D[Laptop] C -->|Two| E[iPhone] ... istmas] -->|Get money| B(Go shopping) B --> C{Let me think} C -->|One| D[Laptop] C -->|Two| E[iPhone]
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n/ssr) - [在Linux终端使用SSR服务实现科学上网](https://samzong.me/2017/11/17/howto-use-ssr-on-linux-terminal/) - [
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Gohr <andi@splitbrain.org>((Please do not contact me for help and support -- use the [[doku>mailinglis
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