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,他们会感到悲哀的,而给他们付工钱对他们来说是一种侮辱。” >> 204. “But Harry set Dobby free, and he was over the moon about it!” s... e a word,” said Harry savagely. “Good-bye.”And he set off back to the castle with Ron. >> 321. “祝贺你,哈利... dges still looked depressingly frayed as the boys set off downstairs. >> 351. 还算管用,至少衣服上的花边没有了,但他的活儿干得... mortal life again, before chasing immortality. I set my sights lower … I would settle for my old body
jenkins反向代理配置有误问题 @technology:linux
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nkins" page - "It appears that your reverse proxy set up is broken"` 出现这个错误以后,我们点击更多信息,进到官网的解释,看以看到有这么一个警告: //Be sure to set the X-Forwarded-Proto header if your reverse prox... alnet:8080; proxy_read_timeout 90; proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Host $host:$server_port; proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Server $host; proxy_set_he
syntax @wiki
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www.google.com or simply www.google.com - You can set the link text as well: [[http://www.google.com|Th... www.google.com or simply www.google.com - You can set link text as well: [[http://www.google.com|This
bug_solve @dokuwiki
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ocal.php</code> Add <code> date_default_timezone_set("Asia/Shanghai"); </code> In the end. It set time zone to china. Solve!
mysql的binlog数据恢复 @technology:mysql
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154 | Anonymous_Gtid | 1 | 219 | SET @@SESSION.GTID_NEXT= 'ANONYMOUS' | | mysql_bin.0... --------------------------------------+ 7 rows in set ``` * 第三步:进入mysql的bin目录 执行 `mysqlbinlog --start
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所见没有一样能证明你那著名的观点:爱比我那种魔法更加强大。” >> 174. Dumbledore set down his empty glass and drew himself up in his s... back on the prophecy! But Voldemort continues to set store by the prophecy. He will continue to hunt y
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nmity had been absolute from the moment Harry had set foot in Hogwarts >> 223. 赫敏和罗恩谁也没有回答。三个人心里都清楚,斯内普... ade, though he did not know its full contents. He set out to kill you when you were still a baby, belie
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对我。 Let me not put myself wrongly to my world and set it against me. 207 荣誉使我感到惭愧,因为我暗地里求着它。 Praise sh... yes to see the rose. 231 鸟翼上系上了黄金,这鸟便永不能再在天上翱翔了。 Set the bird's wings with gold and it will never agai
filerun共享文件 @technology:vps
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ySQL error: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1115 Unknown character set: 'utf8mb4'"]]
centos7部署googlebbr @technology:linux
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于0,且4.18.5内核条目位于第一行,因此将默认引导条目应设置为0: $ sudo grub2-set-default 0 重启系统: $ sudo shutdown -r now // 或 rebo
拷贝分支到新分支 @technology:github
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checkout origin/gh-pages -b master Branch master set up to track remote branch gh-pages from origin. S
docker_volume_local @technology:linux
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container, you can choose your created volume and set the container path(([[https://stackoverflow.com/q
ssr @technology:linux
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JSON格式的配置文件 #输入ssr uninstall卸载 #输入ssr help 现实帮助信息 set -e if [ -z $EDITOR ];then EDITOR=vi fi help(
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I haven’t learned anything from him except not to set pixies loose.” >> 6. “像洛哈特那种教法,我看未必。”罗恩说,“除了不要把小精
加速3389远程桌面_使用frp @technology:vps
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al-Vps(Windows)** 在`启动`文件夹下新建文件`frp.vbs`,写入: ``` set ws=WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") ws.Run
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