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们的足印在我的文字里。    O Troupe of little vagrants of the world, leave your footprints in my words.             ...              它变小了,小如一首歌,小如一回永恒的接吻。            The world puts off its mask of vastness to its lover. It be... 爱的表示呀。   Listen, my heart, to the whispers of the world with which it makes love to you.               1...         I sit at my window this morning where the world like a passer-by stops for a moment, nods to me a
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ly and blissfully blank. All that mattered in the world was that he kept watching the veela, because if t... ight have Muggle-repelling charms on it, like the World Cup stadium. And to keep foreign wizards from fin... ad said back at the campsite before the Quidditch World Cup: “always the same — we can’t resist showing o... , but nearly four years’experience of the magical world told him that sticking his hand into a bowl full
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tter horror. If their least favorite thing in the world was magic, closely followed by neighbors who chea... bility that there might be another teacher in the world he hated more than Snape, but as he walked back t... aid jerkily, tearing Percy’s letter in half, “the world’s” — he tore it into quarters — “biggest” — he to... mers, shared a tent with him during the Quidditch World Cup, had even been awarded full marks by him in t
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” he said softly. “But nothing I have seen in the world has supported your famous pronouncements that lov... despite your privileged insight into Voldemort’s world (which, incidentally, is a gift any Death Eater w... arents — that there was all the difference in the world. >> 207. 他终于明白了邓布利多要告诉他的意思,那就是:被拽进角斗场去面对一场殊死搏斗和自己... her. Completely bewildered, wondering whether the world had gone mad, he turned around: Ron looked as stu
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-- 640x480 (c) (tm) (r) "He thought 'It's a man's world'..." <code> -> <- <-> => <= <=> >> << -- --- 640x480 (c) (tm) (r) "He thought 'It's a man's world'..." </code> The same can be done to produce any... nts an application that * simply displays "Hello World!" to the standard output. */ class HelloWorldApp... tring[] args) { System.out.println("Hello World!"); //Display the string. } } </code> The fo
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/ '----------------' | ====>| (svg) World '------. / #------# .-------. | | ... / '----------------' | ====>| (svg) World '------. / #------# .-------. | | ... v v (\_/) (O.o) ASCII world domination is near! (> <) </a2s> <code> <a2s> ... v v (\_/) (O.o) ASCII world domination is near! (> <) </a2s> </code> ====
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He was stranded, quite alone, in the dark Muggle world, with absolutely nowhere to go. 他很孤独地搁浅在黑暗的麻瓜世界里... his word to Fudge and stray back into the Muggle world. 哈利并不想破坏他对福吉许下的诺言,没有偏离正道又到麻瓜的世界里去。 ## 6. This ... to the air, Harry felt he could have produced the world’s best Patronus. 要是刚才有摄魂怪的话……哈利接过伍德抽泣着递给他的奖杯,把奖杯
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81.mp3 <poem> ðə ɛnd əv ðə wərld The end of the world. 在世界的尽头, tek e piæno Take a piano. 轻抚琴键, ðə ... ŋ dawn an ju wɪθawt ju noɪŋ wɛr ɪt ɛndz All that world weighing down on you without you knowing where it... d pæst mi baj bət tu θawzənd pipəl æt e tajm The world passed me by, but two thousand people at a time.
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MySQL无法重启问题解决Warning: World-writable config file ‘/etc/my.cnf’ is ignored Warning: World-writable config file ‘/etc/my.cnf’ is ignored ,大概... ua/article/details/45508925|MySQL无法重启问题解决Warning: World-writable config file ‘/etc/my.cnf’ is ignored]]))
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nessinsider.com/finlands-education-system-best-in-world-2012-11?IR=T|Why Finland's Unorthodox Education System Is The Best In The World]]
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Web about android. * [[https://androidweekly.io/|Android 开发技术周报]]: Write the code, Change the world
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k, when I had become the greatest sorcerer in the world!” >> 16. 我给自己想出了一个新的名字,我知道有朝一日,当我成为世界上最伟大的魔法师时,各地
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English is the key that open the biggest world. In this page, i will be record some note about English.
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